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About United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) as we know it today began in 1707, with the political union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland. Wales also became a part of that union, and Northern Ireland became part of the UK after Ireland got its independence from British rule in 1922. England’s union with Scotland was remarkable, […]


Antonine Wall

Antonine Wall — the Antonine Wall was constructed in the AD 140s on the orders of the Emperor Antoninus Pius; for a generation it was the north-western frontier of the Roman Empire. Running for 60 km from modern Old Kilpatrick on the north side of the River Clyde to Bo’ness on the Firth of Forth […]


Ayr Racecourse

Ayr Racecourse (2-6 Whitletts Road, Ayr) — at this location (1 ½ hour drive southwest of Edinburgh, via route M8), both locals and visitors can see the most prestigious, high-quality races held in Scotland. Home to the Scottish Grand National and William Ayr Gold Cup Festival, it’s no surprise the 13 furlong length track – […]



Australasia (1 The Avenue, Spinningfields, Manchester) — Australasia used to be the place to be seen when it first opened in 2011. Despite many of the other venues in the area catching up style-wise, the Pan-Asian restaurant has maintained its cool status and takes being trendy very seriously: the entrance is a striking glass pyramid; […]


Braehead Shopping and Leisure Centre

Braehead Shopping and Leisure Centre (Kings Inch Road, Glasgow) — Braehead has more than 100 stores across its shopping centre and retail park and there are plenty of options for dining too. Marks & Spencer, Primark, Apple, Hollister, Gap, Sainsbury’s, Monsoon and IKEA are just some of the stores at Braehead where there are also […]


Bongo Club

Bongo Club (66 Cowgate, Edinburgh) – this venue celebrates various elements of Britain’s underground club scene – from dub & bass, to jungle, R&B, garage (old school House music), Hip Hop, and other dance sounds.